miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Catching up!

Many events have happened since my last post and I think I ought to do a little catch up before I put up my new, on-time post.

Firstly, in March, we received Lili Campos, her mother and Sofía Junco. With them we visited Cambridge and London (with Sofi), as well as Beeston and Nottingham, of course, and we had some great times at home. Having them here was a pleasure; they were a great company.

Afterwards, during the Easter holidays Valeria, mum and I went to Switzerland by car! It was an amazing road trip in which we visited Reims and Strasbourg before finally getting to Zutzwil with Poli, whom we visited. Her and her family were wonderful hosts and they showed us through various beautiful areas in the vicinity. There is no doubt that we had an amazing time with them and all three are anxious to do it again.

Then we came back for the second half of Easter to spend some quality time with our grandparents: Chayo and Fidel, as well as our dad, who where here in Nottingham to visit. Together we went to Southwell (before the road trip, actually), Whitby and Newstead Abbey. We enjoyed each trip immensely, both because of the company and the beautiful sites, and were heartbroken to see them leave.

Finally, I come to the many reunions I have had with my friendship group from school. We are a very close group, and I have been extremely happy that so many occasions were organised recently, as we’ve had a lot of fun in every one.

I am sorry that I wrote solely in English, but I find it easier as you might (or might not) expect, and I simply couldn’t be bothered to translate.

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